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Auto Profits

Auto Profits Review

Auto Profits Review Does Auto Profits Software Work? Is Auto Profits Scam? Discover The Truth in My Honest Auto Profits Review Until Buy it

The nature and the foundations of economic development as the economic framework adopted by each state , however, no matter how different curricula and economic systems in terms of its philosophy and frameworks work; unless they seek to achieve the same goals , a higher standard of living , and this can only be achieved by raising the rate of investment and diversification , where that the latter is considered the cornerstone of the process of comprehensive and sustainable development .

Investing is the allocation of funds in different areas in such a way to maximize the bitter worm economic and financial , as it plays a positive role in accelerating the development , but the basic problem facing the latter is the problem of funding , and is this problem in the palaces of savings rates of various kinds on the rates of investment financing of development lies in the search for sources of savings and the search for means to mobilize these savings for development , nor is it only through the availability of an integrated structure of financial institutions and organizations capable of incitement and good guidance for these savings to productive investment purposes .

The market is the financial tool interaction and meeting place for the forces of different investment , as it is considered a channel effective funding for the developed countries to finance its economy , but it is considered a new mechanism for some developing countries. , As the market is the financial market to meet the buyers and sellers to trade financial instruments , the latter considered alternatives investment distinct from each other in terms of revenue generated and the risks involved , this distinction makes investors Afadilon them on the basis of expected return get it and the risks associated with not achieved . Thus, the differentiation between the process of financial instruments is a very important investment process involves a series of studies and analyzes known financial investment .
The first topic: financial investment
- Growing investment activities to the emergence of large projects requiring employ huge amounts of money , due to the difficulty of funding and the high cost of borrowing , have tended companies new ways to finance projects such as opening capital to the public , which is a compilation of funds from savers owners of fiscal surpluses and invested in these projects .

This investment is based on the launch of securities for subscription , the latter vary in terms of revenue and maturity dates , and are considered equity instruments that represent ownership , and bonds , which are the rights of the indebtedness of the most important investment tools used in financial investment .

The purpose of the combination between sellers and buyers of these financial instruments , the system in place to facilitate this , which is in the stock market , which is a cornerstone of market financing , and the source of the funds needed by companies to finance its various activities , making it one of the pillars to help achieve economic growth .

To learn more about the principles and foundations of the financial investment has been divided to this topic :

- The definition of investment and financial tools .

- The motives and goals of financial investment .

- The characteristics of the financial investment .

The first requirement : the definition of investment and financial tools :
Financial investment is owning the origin of the financial assets in the hope that come from behind and return in the future and the financial investment may be through several areas.

And will be addressed in this requirement to:

- The definition of a financial investment ;

- Financial instruments .


1 – Definition of financial investment

I gave several definitions of financial investment , including:

Is defined as : ” the investment in shares , bonds, treasury bills and commercial tools and acceptances and bank deposits, negotiable and options ….. ”

Also known as : ” buy a stake in the share capital represented by shares , or a stake in the loan represented in bonds or certificates of deposit , gives its owner the right to claim the profits or benefits or other rights recognized by the relevant laws in investing in securities .”

Investing and it includes the financial capital investment in financial assets , regardless of their shape , and requires a financial investment and a market capital provides the investor a variety of investment instruments .

2 – Auto Profits financial instruments :

Are as follows :

1 – debt instruments

These tools are in bonds or treasury bills and certificates of deposit …. , give the holder the right to receive at annual interest or interest at the end of the period.

2 – equity instruments :

Includes common stock and preferred stock , and gives the holder the right to dividends , profits and other rights associated with the conduct of the company Kaltsoat and control.

3 – Vehicle Tools

The securities in the portfolio , which is a combination of stocks and bonds.

4 – derivative instruments :

Derivatives are contracts that derive their value from the assets involved ( assets that represent the subject of the contract ) , which vary between

Stocks, bonds , commodities and foreign currencies , and allow these contracts to the investor gains or losses depending on the performance of the original subject of the contract , and the most important derivatives :

1 – decades choices : is the right to buy or sell at a predetermined price for a particular asset during a certain time period .

2 – Futures Contract: An agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future at a certain price , and is futures trading on the stock market , and in order to make trading possible to determine the exchange attributes of a standard contract , and because the parties to the contract may not know each other necessarily , the stock market provides a mechanism gives both parties a guarantee that the contract will be respected , and that the largest stock exchanges where futures trading is the Chicago Board of Trade and the Stock Exchange .

3 – Auto Profits swaps : Know swap contracts as a series of contracts for the subsequent implementation where the settlement of swap contract at regular intervals ( monthly , quarterly , semi-annual … ) and swap contract binding the parties to the contract , contrary to what is known in decades choice as to receipts or payments ( profit or loss ) are not settled daily , as is the case in the futures contracts , in addition to the Auto Profits swap contract is not settled once as is the case in the decades subsequent implementation.